We are pleased to announce that our vessel Viking Princess has successfully completed a "search and rescue" mission by rescuing 3 survivors in distress.

We are proud to see this act of good seamanship by our vessel and crew, and on the 6th of November we also received following congratulation note from MPA:

”Dear Gram Car Carriers

We are happy to note the successful search and rescue operation conducted by VIKING PRINCESS.  We would like to take this opportunity to commend the Master and crew of VIKING PRINCESS on their gallant efforts and also extend our appreciation to GRAM CAR CARRIERS HOLDINGS PTE LTD for the support provided to ensure the safe and expedient rescue of the 3 persons.  Please find attached the soft copy of our congratulatory notes to your company/the owner and the ship’s crew.

Yours faithfully,

Director of Marine
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore”